The real piece of furniture capable of enhance the internal space. Our floors are the result of a project based on the desire to create a high quality product, FSC certified and respectful of the environment. For this reason we have paid attention to all production processes, from the choice of raw material to the different steps of craftsmanship that transform the surface of each plank into a unique piece and give rise to a 100% Made in Italy parquet. The wood utilizer for the production of our floors comes from responsibly managed forests and its processing takes care of the quality and healthiness of the environment and of those who lives in them. Examples are water and oil finishes, innovative antibacterial products and natural wood floors that can improve the thermal conductivity of the spaces. Nardi Legnami offers a collection of floors that combines style and tradition using wood species able to guarantee the maximum stability and robustness. Mostly we use Oak, hard and stable and thanks to its coarse texture it’s capable of being personalized always looking for new shades.

Dolomiti collection

The Dolomiti collection is characterized by a prefinished floor composed by a precious layer of solid wood glued on a birch plywood. This combination guarantees stability and ease of installation. Water-based paints and natural oils are used for the finishing, which guarantee a resistant floor and healthy of the spaces. This floor is available in a wide range of finishes and elegant shades designed on the basis of the latest trends. The surface brushing treatment exalts the material feeling of wood. This collection is suitable for contemporary living and it’s available in large sizes that make the surfaces more homogeneous and therefore in line with the essentiality of modern designs. In addition, the large format is able to fully exalt the beauty of the texture, the infinite colors and the texture of the wood. This parquet is also available raw in order to be customized to the maximum.

Country Oak

The planks are characterized by the beauty of the natural grain and by small visible knots and discolorations. The large width of the planks is capable of creating unique perspectives and giving the spaces a welcoming appearance. The Country Oak is available in various trendy shades and it has the possibility of being customized in many ways and to be adapted to any environment.

Rustic Oak

Each of these planks is an unique piece with its character natural details that make this parquet with a rustic flavor one of the most sought after. The knots and streaks of the oak celebrate the natural elements and the strength of the wood, creating a unique and authentic surface. Available in large sizes and in different shades it is the ideal floor for any environment and allows illimitable customization possibilities.

Thermo-treated Oak

The finest Croatian Oak, coming from certified forests, is transformed thanks to the action of the heating; the wood thus acquires dark and warm tones and chromatic differences on shades of brown that combine the ancient flavor with current aesthetic trends. The heating treatment also naturally removes moisture from the wood and makes the parquet very solid and stable. The dark shade obtained after the thermal process makes this floor a piece of furniture capable of exalting truly exclusive environments.

ALPI collection

The Alpi collection is characterized by real solid wood parquet, a great classic made of wooden planks that lend themselves to more traditional installations. This type of quality flooring will give you a feeling of authenticity. Alpi parquet has unlimited possibilities for customization and it’s available in increasingly trendy small formats to exalt even the smallest areas.

Timeless Oak

This floor is ideal for those who want to give a dynamic and creative style to their spaces. The recommended laying patterns are the Italian and Hungarian herringbone. Timeless oak parquet combined with contemporary furniture is able to surprise and fascinate beyond time limits.