The most valuable solution for the lovers of hardwood flooring even in the outdoor spaces is surely decking. These hardwood floors are available in many species and profiles, from a square-edge to a groove-to-groove and planned profile (as we are able to personalize it depending on your requirements). The installation can be done with retractable clips or by fixing with visible screws on special support profiles in pre-finished wood or aluminum. Natural wood decking allows you to create a beautiful and functional landscape, especially in your swimming pools edges, terraces, spa, bathing establishments, walkways, piers, patios and gardens.


Teak is probably the most famous species, widely renowned for its elegance and its excellent technical properties. This wood specie of unquestionable value has a color ranging from golden to bronze and contains a natural oily resin in the fibres that makes it extremely resistant and compact, and at the same time easily workable. It has excellent dimensional stability, it’s water-repellent and it’s very resistant to atmospheric agents.


This species comes from South America and is highly appreciated for its strength and compactness, that make of it a great solution for almost any outdoor purpose. This essence is very oily and has such a high density to be considered the hardest wood in the world. It has a color ranging from brown to olive green with light and dark streaks that give it a warm and elegant appearance. Ipè wood is practically immune to atmospheric agents, molds, parasites and solicitations. It also has a fire resistance comparable to the concrete’s one. Ipè wood ( like all natural woods ) with exposure to the sun over time tends to uniform its color going towards gray shades. The original shade can be restored with the application of specific oils to be applied once or twice a year. If properly laid, this wood can last more than 30-35 years. Its excellent properties, elegant appearance and affordable cost have made the Ipè the most used wood for landscaping and outdoor wood flooring.


Garapa is a noble South American species with a copper-blond color also known as white Ipè because of its excellent characteristics of compactness, hardness, durability and density. It is one of the best performing woods thanks to its great wear resistance, the low water absorption and its low shrinkage; properties that make decking Garapa very appreciated for outdoor installations both near the water (poolside, terraces, piers) and for the cladding of buildings’ facades. If you expose Garapa to direct sunlight and to external agents it will return to a natural variation in tone and color which over time tends to graying. Constant maintenance with express products can slow down this process. The excellent performance, the warm coloring and the excellent price of Garapa led it to be one of the most used species for outdoors.


Cumarù originates from Central-South America. It has a fine texture, clearly visible grains and flames and a color that goes from dark blond to copper brown. It is a stable essence with high hardness, almost as hard as Ipè. It has excellent technical features, which is why it is also suitable for flooring with high walking frequency in public and private uses. Its properties make it an excellent wood also for of outdoor coatings, structures, piers and shipbuilding.


Jatobà is a wood from Central and South America, also called Brazilian cherry, its color range goes from blond-copper to brown. It’s a very hard wood, with a marked texture and an irregular fibre. It has a medium-high dimensional stability and a good durability. Its features make Jatobà an appreciated solution for the landscapers.


Larch is a conifer native to the mountains of Central / Northern Europe, it has a color ranging from blond to copper, with brown flames and knots, resin pockets and non-uniform grains. Larch has great resistance properties, it’s a medium hard wood with good stability and (because of its waterproofing, given by the resin contained in the fibres) very resistant to external agents, though larch has a moderate resistance to molds attack. Over time, the larch wood oxidizes, changing its color into a beautiful brown-gray tone. Thanks to its excellent mechanical properties and high durability, larch applies well to the outdoors and its used in floors or wall cladding, maintaining the capacity to be appreciated for interiors too.


The Scots Pine comes from Eastern Europe and being a conifer it holds many knots, contains resin and it has an irregular grain. To apply this species to the outdoors, it is necessary to present this wood to the autoclave impregnation process which makes it more stable and long lasting. In this phase the pine takes on a pleasant green or brown certified color. The class-4-autoclave-treatment protects the plank giving it a good resistance to bugs and molds attacks. This treated decking pine can be used for medium frequency flooring and it’s a great solution for those looking for a good compromise between price, quality and durability.