We offer a wide range of panels in many assortments, size and thickness. These products are selected from the best manufacturers in order to ensure the best quality. We provide panels to businesses such as furniture, nautical, construction, musical instruments, packaging and more.

Okoumè Playwood

The Okoume plywood is characterised by high mechanical and structural performances, properties that make of it a great solution in all applications where water and humidity resistance are the fundamental requirements. Its a stable wood that guarantees resistance to all climatic influences. Further than the nautical business, this plywood is widely used in furniture, doors and windows markets.

Poplar Playwood Class 3 (AW100)

This special production in poplar plywood has a melamine gluing that meets the requirements of class 3 for the outdoors plywood use. Ideal to plate any surface where water-resistance is required.

Poplar Playwood Class 1

This panel is soft and light and it’s particularly easy to work, for these reasons it’s usually covered with laminated or veneers products. Furthermore thanks to its smooth surface it guarantees excellent aesthetic results for painting.

OSB3 Panels

The OSB (Oriented Strand Board) panel is composed by layered, oriented and pressed coniferous wood flakes. A rigid and dimensionally stable wooden panel with good mechanical properties and humidity resistance. For these features OSB is a very versatile panel suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It’s widely used in the construction market for structural applications as in walls, floors and roofs. It’s also widely used for packaging and for concrete formwork construction.

More panels

We also have a good sales volume on the following panels:
- BIRCH PANEL: Widely used in carpentry, furniture, manufactured items and packaging industry.
- FORMWORK PANEL: Stability, resistance and long life are the principal features of these panels that find application in the construction sector.
- MAHOGANY PLATED PANEL: Composed by a poplar plywood support and plated on one side by a thin mahogany veneer. These panels are suitable for high carpentry works, musical instruments building, furniture, door finishing and surface coating.