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Company background

Nardi Legnami was founded in Pesaro in 1963 by Antonio Nardi, at the time manager of the family forest company in the Alto Adige region in the North of Italy, and still goes on very strong, four generations later. During the past 50 years, passing from generation to generation, we have established our position as a leading trading company in the field of woods and timber products for Centre-North of Italy. Our headquarter in Pesaro covers an area of 12.000mq, relying on an extremely efficient sales and delivery service that’s a guarantee of punctuality and reliability, with all orders fulfilled promptly and professionally. We partner with over 3000 customers both nationally and internationally, supplying furniture companies, designers, carpenters, shipyard, packagers and construction firms. We’ve developed a strong network of direct connections which enables us to import our products with efficiency and to provide our clients with the highest quality wood available in the market, within the shortest time of delivery. We personally choose the best timbers and woods, making sure that not only they’re of the highest standard but also that they come from forests companies led by an ethical and responsible vision, promoting growth and awareness in the managing of such resources while fighting illegal logging.

Our range covers a wide selection of woods. We can provide you with edged and semi-edged timber, bouls, finger joint, beams, elements, strips, planed and semi-finished products as well as interior and exterior solid wood floors. We select for you the best timber species, including European, American, Asian and African hardwoods as well as European and American softwood, so that you can create top quality products to be distributed in the forniture industry, nautical, construction and packaging sectors.

Softwood and Hardwood




Construction timber

Marine products

Wooden packaging



Nardi Legnami is at your disposal to guide you in the choice and use of the products by identifying customized solutions.


Quick and efficient thanks to a well organized logistics network.


We have selected the best craftsmen for safe laying.


Seasoning, evaporation, drying, heat treatment, multi-ripening, milling, logistics and transportation.

We respect the environment

At the highest level of our intentions we recognise and promote sustainability, environment, best product.


Starting from 2016 we can count above 400 square meter of photovoltaic panels set to cover a part of our warehouse roof. This project demonstrate our growing commitment to the environment, while also guaranteeing ourselves part of our energy supply.


We have always been aware of the importance of safeguarding the environment, so we have equipped ourselves with internationally recognized certifications such as the FSC® certification which ensures correct forest management and guarantees the traceability of wood from responsibly managed forests.

Nardi Legnami has also obtained the FITOK Certification for the marketing of ISPM 15 certified packaging material which guarantees the phytosanitary conformity of wooden packaging by implementing policies to reduce the phytosanitary risk associated with the cross-border handling of wooden packaging.

Since its entry into force, Nardi Legnami has been in line with the Regulation (EU) of the European Parliament and of the Council no. 995/2010. The regulation also called EUTR (European Timber Regulation) establishes the requirements to combat the illegal trade of timber and promote the market of wood and derivatives of legal origin.

The company is also part of the members registered in Legnok di Conlegno cork wood services. Conlegno has been recognized by the European Commission as a Control Body for compliance with the EUTR.

We adhere to the Washington Convention which aims to control international trade in endangered species of wild fauna and flora.

Nardi Legnami S.R.L.

Str. del Montefeltro n.63
Pesaro (PU) 61122 - Italy
Tel: +39 072121354
Fax: +39 0721400576
VAT: 02752040416
Skype: Nardi Legnami Sas
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